How to make Ice Cream?

If you’ve ever wondered if there’s a way to cut down on the cost of ice cream and boost the convenience of enjoying this treat, there’s an answer: make your own ice cream at home. Making ice cream is hard work, you say? Not so, and our easy to follow how to make ice cream guide will show you how. Once you purchase the right ice cream machine for your needs, along with the ingredients, you’re good to go. Just follow the directions for your particular ice cream maker, and you’re well on your way to making creamy, smooth, refreshing ice cream for you and your family. It beats spending all that money on tubs at the supermarket. Save money, stay home, and learn how to make ice cream yourself. You’ll love how it tastes and you’ll be reluctant to go back to shop bought ice cream again.

What You’ll Need

In order to make your own ice cream, you’ll first need either a hand crank or electric ice cream maker. Which one you choose depends on several factors, such as intended use, budget, and convenience. If you go with a manual ice cream maker, you’ll find that there is an outer and an inner bowl with a mechanism that turns a paddle, effectively churning the mixture of salt, milk, ice, and other flavorings. The amount of time it takes to fully complete the ice cream making process depends on the model you choose. If you go with an electric ice cream maker, you will find that there are a few choices: counter-top machines with a double-walled bowl, small freezer-unit machines that go inside the freezer, and large commercial machines with a built-in freezing mechanism.

Make the Most of Your Ice Cream Machine

While ice cream makers are great at making ice cream, you can make other similar treats, too, such as gelato, sorbet, frozen yogurt and more.
How to Clean an Ice Cream Maker
Once you’re done with the ice cream process and have eaten the fruits of your labor, it’s time to clean up. It’s important to do a thorough job each time to avoid bacteria growth. First, properly disassemble your ice cream maker per the included instructions. Then, flush water throughout the ice cream maker, followed by a good scrubbing with antibacterial soap and hot water. Some models come with a wash cycle setting, which you can use at this time. Be sure to soak and scrub all parts of the machine, then immerse them in water and bleach to further disinfect them. Once everything is dry, reassemble the machine and store till next time. Doing this each and every time can be time consuming but is a step that can’t be missed.

Ice Cream Storage

Ever wonder how long you can keep ice cream in the freezer? Ice cream will last in the freezer for between two and four months. Any longer than that, and its texture changes or it can pick up other flavors lingering in the freezer. Over time, ice cream can also form ice crystals, commonly called freezer burn, especially if not covered properly. Assuming proper covering, it’s safe to leave your homemade ice cream in the freezer for a few months. But we’re sure it won’t last that long because you’ll be tempted to eat it every time you open that door.